Weeds and People. We Are Alike.

Or, how a dandelion led a young lady to greater appreciation

iStock_6223748Sm hand with plants left faceAs you know from my post on Thanksgiving, I find it beneficial to try to view our language in different ways.  As a start, it helps me to see all the various uses for words and phrases in my writing. On a deeper, and more important, level it helps me to see life differently, which has all sorts of benefits.

Last Monday I had the pleasure of hearing a young lady expound upon views, uses and yes, virtues of weeds.  Irene shared an insightful, entertaining, and informative 6 minutes on weeds at our Toastmasters’ club.  She shared how a shrub she planted and loved, had spawned dozens of volunteer plants.  At first she regaled in the wonderful additions of her beloved plant in her garden. Then as she spent time weeding out the extras, she realized the definition of a weed that I heard decades ago… from a landscape architect, “A weed is any plant that it not where you want it.”*

This realization caused her to look at all the vegetation in her yard differently. So when a bumper crop of dandelions turns her lawn yellow this spring, she made a saute that she shared with her family.  I love this implementation of one of my favorite sayings about making lemonade out of lemons.

KC_OverTheHump_Masthead 230x200Back to Irene’s talk… The edible dandelion greens caused her to think of other transitions of weed to friend. She applied it to the people around her and shared another of my favorite life-maxims:  Sometimes when someone bothers us, we just need to get to know them better.  I could not agree more.  It’s one of the reasons I like to travel and meet new folks.

And, in the rare instance that knowing someone better does not encourage more friendly bonds, we at least know sooner rather than later if we want to choose not to interact with the other person.

We all have those situations where our first impression was not appropriate.  How do you move to a better understanding or appreciation with another person (or growing thing)?  Please share and help us all learn by commenting below.

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P.S. Irene is headed to medical school in a few weeks. I have enjoyed her smile and insights, and wish her the very best!

* When he delivered a 5-foot palm tree to my front door.  I was pleased and confused as the purchase price of the palm would have been substantial.  The tree did not belong in the landscape he was creating and he had no room for it.  Score!

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