What Can Each of Us Do, Even From Far Away #BaltimoreRiots?


The courage to sing “Amazing Grace”

I want to talk about business things, honestly I am trying. But my mind and heart keep going back to the events in Baltimore and wanting to DO SOMETHING to help our nation be more respectful–from cities to farms to forests; with other people, and even our buildings.

I am grateful to Karin Hurt for raising the question on her blog because she gave me hope that from 380 miles away, and a lifestyle gap that is even longer, I can possibly have some impact, and not sit here in my office feeling powerless.

In closing Karin states, “Our worst times in history are aggravated or improved by the leadership response. My hope for Baltimore is that we will have more leaders leading with confident humility, setting egos and agendas aside and rebuilding our city to be so much better than before that no lives, property or effort was wasted.”

I agree. AND I believe that every single individual also has an impact.  Here’s how each person in Baltimore can help:

  • Encourage leaders to lead in ways the benefit the whole, not just their faction
  • Respect everyone and everything around you.  If someone’s actions are making you angry or frustrated, spend 10 seconds working to see it from their perspective, walk a few inches in their shoes – side by side. And as Maya Angelou said, “If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.”
  • Stand Up for what you believe. Don’t let the crowd mentality cause you to act in ways that do not feel right. Even one window that stays whole, or one hug instead if an insult, is progress.

I started this post by talking about how Karin’s words helped me to feel like I could do more than sit here in a powerless state.  So here’s what I am doing:

  • Writing this post.
  • I commit to spend time to connect with someone who is very different from me and get to know their story, then share that.
  • Be aware of the ways in which I think I am being respectful, but not actually doing it, then work to change.

What about you? Do you have ideas about how we humans can work together to move forward peacefully?  Please share by commenting below.

Thanks for listening.

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