When Do Your Gifts Come Out?

raised hands iStock_5414695_XSmYour gift comes out in the conversation.

I first heard this from a colleague, Seth Kahan, years ago when he was teaching fellow consultants about engaging with clients.

His purpose in these words was to encourage us to have a conversation with a client without having to fully analyze the situation. In other words, don’t get into analysis paralysis. Seth did not realize the power of his words until I wrote him a thank you note and called out his insight, thus illustrating the concept!

KC_OverTheHump_Masthead 230x200Since then I have been more brave about starting conversations, not needing to feel like I had all the answers. I thought I was willing to learn from others prior to this realization, but… it’s interesting that in feeling like I needed to be prepared, I was closing myself off to learning from others.

The gift also becomes deeper when we are open to others. There’s a gift that comes when we connect with other living beings.  Sometimes a synergy is created where the sum is greater than the parts–I find that feeling amazing.

There’s also the concept of our personal gifts–the special things that each of us bring, to the world and to conversations. Those gifts can show up without a conversation, but they show up in a more profound way when we do commune with others, when we share ourselves by expressing (out loud or just by being together), and by listening.

So, a hearty THANK YOU to all of you for being part of my conversation, giving me a platform to express my gifts, hearing me, and conversing with me.

Speaking of platform, you may notice some enhancements to the masthead of this email. It now shows this blog, How Good Can You Stand It? I am very pleased to be writing even more as Over the Hump becomes the Wednesday edition of HGCYSI? Thanks to Maria Pappas for the amazing design work and Erb Photography for my excellent photo–and to both companies for their gift of being so GREAT to work with!

What are your gifts? When do they come out in the conversation?

Continued success!

The most precious gift we can offer others is our presence.
When mindfulness embraces those we love, they will bloom like flowers.
~ Thich Nhat Hanh

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