Who’s Afraid of the Giant Green Worm?

Photo courtesy of Univ of MD

Photo courtesy of Univ of MD

It’s summer, so I have to talk about giant green tomato worms.

A decade ago in my first real garden I found a GIANT green tomato worm. It was as big around as my thumb and longer, much longer. As it turned it’s face to me I half expected it to say, “Hello Lisa, what’s cooking?”, like in a cartoon.

I realized that under my fascination I was scared of it, wanting to remove it from my tomatoes so I’d have a few to eat myself, but not wanting to touch it or even go near it with gloves. Then I saw how zany I was being, and laughed out loud.

The worm is not poisonous or threatening in any real way. I realized that my fear of this worm is like most fears in my life–made larger by my mind than the reality of the situation calls for.

I think most of us have irrational fears. I also think the fastest way to let them go is to let ourselves feel them fully. So I am sharing my top fears here in an attempt to feel them and let them go:

  • Nervous about walking into a business event where I don’t know people
  • Afraid that no one will come to the party I am throwing, or meeting I called
  • Having a hard time getting started on a project, though I know I will enjoy it once I am going

I have a couple of practices that help me move through these fearful stages more quickly, when I remember them!

  • Remind myself that I am only human and that it’s okay to be nervous
  • Ask myself if it’s truly something I want. If yes, this helps me take that important first step. If no, it helps me to let it go and put my energy toward something in alignment with my values
  • Do one thing to get started. Write the first sentence, look up the phone number, or draft the email

KC_OverTheHump_Masthead 230x200What are the giant green tomato worms in your life?  Do any of these techniques resonate with you?

What techniques for moving forward do you have?  Please share by writing a comment below.

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