Who’s Lisa?

rock stack extra iStock_12682301LgI almost left the business world to become a yoga teacher when a friend mentioned that the corporate world needs our open, loving hearts too. That was 15 years ago. Since then I have been passionate about helping people know their strengths, grow, and create joyfulness in their work—whether it’s a corporate job, teaching school, running a business, or just getting stuff done outside organizational walls.

In 2006, after decades as a high-tech product manager, I became a consultant and have the pleasure of working with dozens of smart, insightful business people, most of whom want to work in, and create, meaningful work environments. I have had the honor of helping them create and implement strategic marketing while also subtly encouraging them to also work to create joyful work in their days (which was not difficult as I am blessed with amazing clients).

Then in 2008 I read Firms of Endearment, and happy tears immediately started to flow. Learning that there was a plethora of data to support my beliefs, I knew I needed to work more directly to help people create fulfilling work. Since then I have been continuing my education with conferences and extensive reading and conversation, creating frameworks to incorporate mindful business practices, running a Conscious Business Roundtable, blogging, and writing a weekly newsletter—anything I could to sneak Joyful Work practices into the consciousness of the folks around me.

Lisa Hamaker 104x135I love to hear your ideas and what you want, so please send me an email or give me a call!