You Have Already Won

One Insight for Self-Awareness

iStock_000005123017Small1You Have Already Won.

Last Monday I got to listen to a wonderful speech by that title.  Fellow Toastmaster, Tim Greenwood, expounded on the topic wonderfully.  He started by being a bit obsessed with getting “like”s on his phone, then transitioned to the benefits of doing it your way.

More important, he talked about doing it your way in a new and different way.  He encouraged us to something new.  It doesn’t really matter whether we gain or lose by the effort, it’s the trying that makes us a winner.

And sure enough, later that evening a new member who the week before could barely speak to the club from her seat, walked to the front of the room, stood in front of the group, and shared for a few minutes.

Tim is a very experienced speaker and his hard work over the years shows in his speeches.  He won the speaking contest that evening. However, we all know that the big winner was the newbie who broke through that huge barrier of standing up.

It was also wonderful to see how someone so new at something can inspire those who are long practiced. It’s something delightful at the core of our humanity.

Please take out a piece of paper, or open a clean document on your favorite electronic writing device and WRITE DOWN three ways that you have already won in the last few days. Then look at your list and smile.  Maybe even pat yourself on the back.

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